Dress Luxe for Less

Channel high-end style on an oh-so-low budget!

Fashion blogger Amanda Sanchez with “Little Miss Fearless” shares six ways to dress luxe for less.

1. Safe with Solids

You’ll get more mileage for your money if you stick with solid colors and neutrals. Prints often fade faster and look cheap overtime, especially as the trends change. Choosing solids doesn’t have to be boring, however, if you know how to pair your colors. A classy neutral with a bright neon will make your outfit pop while maintaining balance. Also, look for rich jewel tones, such as teal, plum, fuchsia and burgundy, to stay right on-trend for fall.

Top: Target $14.99
Skirt: J.Crew (sale) $45.00
Necklace: Bip and Bop (Etsy)

2. Go Natural with Animal Prints

Just because solids are safe, doesn’t mean you can’t venture out a little and try something new. Animal prints are in. For a more expensive look, choose a print that depicts the animal’s natural state (i.e., leopard in browns and tans, zebra in blacks and whites, snakeskin in grays and creams). Also, balance in color and scale is key when choosing a good leopard print, especially with apparel. Look for true browns and tans that have a subtle contrast and aren’t too yellow in tone.

Top: Forever21 $17.80
Pants: Target $27.99
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack $21.97

3. Black is Back

Did it ever leave? Black is that staple color that is every girl’s best friend. It’s slimming, elegant, sophisticated and looks great all on its own. Don’t be afraid to wear black on black—to pull this off, choose fabrics in different textures for dimension. For example, a knit top paired with leather pants or a tweed skirt will add a complimentary contrast to your outfit. Then add a beige, leather handbag and a simple neck embellishment to class up your look.

Top: H&M $17.95
Pants: Target $22.99
Collar: H&M $24.95

4. Dress Up Your Denim

Jeans are an easy go-to item for women who have difficulty deciding what to wear (we’re all guilty). They’re comfortable, they go with everything, but they can also look lax and lazy. The easiest way to dress up your denim is to add a simple pearl necklace, a patterned scarf or heels. If you hate heels (like I do), choose a feminine, pointed flat and a silk blouse. When shopping for denim, look for darker washes, minimally distressed fabrics and simplicity in the stitching for a sure-to-be classic look.

Top: H&M $24.95
Jeans: $22.99
Scarf: H&M $9.95

5. Must-Have Accessories

You don’t have to purchase expensive accessories to get a luxurious look. The power of these three items will do it: gold watch, pearl necklace, leather bag. Ta-da! Once you have these staple items, you can grow your collection with more personalized picks that speak to your personality. Accessories accent your outfit, so have fun with colors, prints and trends—and if you find a great deal, you don’t have to stop at just one!

Gold watch: Target $14.99 – $16.99
Pearls: Nordstrom Rack / Target $6.97 – $12.99
Leather bag: T.J.Maxx $29.99 – $99.99

6. Recreate

You are the only you on earth. Isn’t that incredible? Now use YOUR taste, YOUR style and YOUR fashion sense to recreate an outfit you’ve fallen in love with (that fits YOUR budget). We all get our inspiration from somewhere—a home décor shop, the children’s department, Pinterest and the J.Crew display window. There’s no wrong way to create. Observe the color combinations, textures and take note of what you like about it (is it feminine, preppy, casual?), now go bargain-hunting for those same elements to recreate YOUR version. You’ll feel so confident when you’re done, plus you’ll have saved enough money to do it again next week!

Top: H&M $29.95
Blazer: H&M $39.95
Skirt: H&M $29.95
Necklace: GroopDealz (Facebook)

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