Style File: On-Trend Outerwear

It’s the one piece of cold-weather clothing you will use every single day – so why not make a style statement with your winter coat?

Fashion blogger Shannon Abbott shares six on-trend styles.

I love this time of year because of coats! Outerwear can make an outfit! Here are my top picks for this season:

Leather Coat & Circle Scarf

One of the biggest trends in fashion this season is Bordeaux leather. This is a fax leather but it looks real. I paired it with a wool circle scarf. Circle scarfs are easily to wear, every women should have one in her wardrobe.

Coat:H&M $50
Scarf: Anothopologie $30
Style Tip: Fax leather has come a long way. Most of the time you cannot tell if it’s fax just by looking at it!

Trench Coat:

(On Ruth)
I have always loved the trench coat! All ages can wear one. This one is in a tweed, it gives the classic trench a bit more visual intrest. If you are going to buy a trench I would recommend spending more money on one because it wont go out of style and it will last you for years!
Coat: Banana Republic $250 (I got it 40% off)
Style Tip: Places like Banana Republic always have great sales.

Biker Combined Fabric Coat

I love the combined fabric coat! Most of the more expensive versions are wool with leather sleeves. I fell in love with this one from Target that is very inexpensive and fits the trend perfectly!
Coat: Target $35

Peacoat & Patterned Scarf

The pea coat is back in a big way!!! When looking for a pea coat in 2012 look for color and details. This one is classic but with an up to date detail with the black piping. Because a pea coat is so versatile it’s fun if you add a pattern scarf to take your look to the next level.
Coat: J.crew $298 (I got it 25% off)
Scarf: J.crew $30
Style Tip: Try and update your old pea coat by adding piping, tailoring it, or dyeing it.

Down Coat & Knit Hat

The down coat is a must have in Utah! We are in luck because the down coats are no longer shapeless and make you look like a marshmallow. This coat is tailored in all the right places to still give you shape! What is better with a down coat then a knit hat? There are so many options and colors out there you can have fun with it!
Coat: Zara $169
Knit hat: J. Crew $50
Style Tip: If you worried about down looking to bulky try an belted coat in a dark color.

Color Collarless Coat & Leather Studded Gloves

Even thou it’s not summer anymore, we are still seeing a lot of color! I love the colorful coat! J. Crew is a great place to find a vibrant, colorful coat. Having no collar gives the coat a chic feel to it. I’m also in love with the stud trend. I always love to do trends in a different way. That is why these studded leather gloves from ASOS are so great!
Coat: J.crew $350 (I got it 25% off)
Gloves: ASOS $61.57
Style Tip: If you fall in love with a pricey coat, do the math. I have some expensive coats that still look great after 12 years. When you break it down with the amount of wears you get out of the coat, it ends up being inexpensive.

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