Earth Fruits Yogurt

Try sweet, delicious Earth Fruits frozen yogurt this holiday season.

EarthFruits Yogurt (, an imaginative new self-serve frozen yogurt concept providing healthy and eco-friendly products, recently opened its flagship café location at 44 East 1230 North, on the corner of University Avenue and Bulldog Boulevard in Provo. EarthFruits Yogurt sources the freshest super fruits directly from rainforests around the world to bring health and wellness to customers.

EarthFruits Yogurt café offers a self-serve model that allows customers to select from 19 exotic and classic flavors that are tart, tangy or sweet and then select from more than 80 topping choices featured on its unique Tree of Life Topping Bar. EarthFruits Yogurt offerings include flavors made from some of the most nutritious super fruits, like Acai, Mangosteen and Cacao, from rainforests around the world, combined to make premium flavors such as Brazilian Acai Blueberry, Macaw’s Mango, Planet Pomegranate, Rainforest Raspberry, Amazon Vanilla made with Mangosteen and Chocolate Karma made with Cacao.

By combining delicious and wholesome ingredients and only real fruit, not artificial syrups, EarthFruits Yogurt provides customers with a nutrient-rich food that is not only full of antioxidants, probiotics and live and active cultures, but also boosts immunity and energy levels. Each EarthFruits yogurt flavor is non-fat and contains between 100 to 140 calories or less per one-half cup serving.

EarthFruits Yogurt continues to expand its product offerings with the launch of its newest super fruit flavor, Amazon Cherry frozen yogurt, made from Acerola. Acerola is one of the richest organic sources of vitamin C in the world and has a very high carotene and vitamin A content. In addition, EarthFruits Yogurt just introduced its gourmet Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate made with premium and all-natural ingredients.

EarthFruits Yogurt is committed to preserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources and, as a result, uses packaging and cleaning solutions that are entirely compostable, earth-friendly and sustainable. To further demonstrate its commitment, EarthFruits Yogurt franchise owners are given up to 25 percent of their marketing funds to invest locally, providing support to schools, charities and local meaningful causes.

For more information, visit, and for franchise information call 888-37-EARTH. For special offers and information, join EarthFruits Yogurt on Facebook and Twitter. To contact the EarthFruits Yogurt flagship café call 801-373-4644.

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