Easy to Manage Native Flowers

Your garden can flourish and bloom without a lot of effort on your part!

Cynthia Bee shares her favorite combos for Utah native plants that are low maintenance.

For more about water-wise plants, visit www.conservationgardenpark.org.

Cynthia’s Favorite Native Plant Combos

Evergreen Perennials

    Sulfur-Flowered Buckwheat
    Kinnikinnick (also called Bearberry)

Awkward Spaces Filler

    Desert 4 0’Clock
    Palmer’s Penstemon

Long Season Bloom

    Sundancer Daisy
    Fire Chalice
    Monch Aster

Red, White & Blue

    Firecracker Penstemon
    Blue Flax
    Silver Sage

Park strip Pairings (not all of these are native but they are super-drought tolerant)

    Moonshine Yarrow
    ‘Little Trudy’ Catmint
    ‘Brakelights’ Yucca (Hesperaloe)
    ‘Little Spire’ Russian Sage
    Chocolate Flower

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