Eats & Treats: Amano Chocolate

Becky Low visited Amano Chocolates in Orem for a first hand lesson in chocolate making.

Amano Chocolate is high end artisan chocolate, first shared only with top chefs in Utah. They have only be in business selling to the public since 2006. They are the winner of at least 32 national and international chocolate awards in less than 3 years. The latest (March 25) winning the “Grand Award” (top honors) at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon.

Take a trip into heaven. Chocolate tasting, like wine tasting, uses all five senses. The taste of cacao beans, like grapes for wine, have a distinct flavor depending on where the beans are grown as well as weather, soil, topography, etc. Cacao beans from Amano chocolate comes from Bali, Venezuela, Madagascar, Ecuador, Dominican Republic.

So here’s how (small plates with samples of chocolate bar for tasting)

– cleanse your palate (bread, water)

– rest at room temperature (chocolate should not be cold)

– look for blemishes, white streaks, bubbles and sheen

– smell the chocolate – inhaling fragrances will prime the tongue

– break a piece – should hear a resounding snap

– place chocolate on your tongue and allow it to melt slowly

– study the texture – should be smooth

Special thanks to Amano Artisan Chocolate and Art Pollard for a great tour, delightful chocolate, and inspiring story.

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