Embrace Emerald at Home

It’s nature’s favorite color, and now it’s ours too! Emerald Green, Pantone’s color of the year, is taking over home decor.

Studio 5 Design Contributor Lauren shows us why Emerald Green is a trend worth trying.

Everyone should try Emerald somewhere in their home. It is a very easy trend to incorporate and some may already be fashion-forward and not even realize it! To decide how big you want to go with this trend, I’ve broken it down into Standouts, Staples and Details.


The “standout” approach is for those who are daring and fearless when changing and updating their homes. Though daring, it is a surprisingly easy approach. Without shopping for accessories, yards and yards of fabric or anything and everything emerald… just do one thing, buy a can of paint. When your spouse asks you can reply: “It’s just paint, dear!!” Talk about a statement though. Emerald green walls add instant appeal and that wow-factor to any space. Take a bold approach by having cabinetry sprayed in a green color or lay a green area rug under your family room furniture. You even have my permission to paint an accent wall Emerald. To see my favorite Emerald paint colors, visit www.oviattdesign.net/blog.


I think the “staple” approach is the best way to try out this trend. Staples in my opinion are pieces that wouldn’t be changed every season but are a subtle feature in a room. This can be as easy as reupholstering your chair seats in emerald velvet or using a wonderful green lacquered chest to set the focal point for redecorating a corner of your home. Green in this way goes so well in both light and dark spaces. In lighter rooms emerald feels fresh and inviting (much like a live tree or fresh plant livens up a space!) and in dark spaces like wood-clad offices or living rooms emerald adds an air of timelessness and sophistication. This color goes great with black and white – and looks modernized when paired with gold or brass details.


The details in the room are for those who NEED that constant shift in their home accessories, whether it be seasonal or as trends change from year to year. I love the idea of incorporating emerald in small amounts because it ends up looking like jewels sparkling around the room as they catch your eye. Find glass urns or bottles for your console table in emerald or consider substituting green drinking glasses instead of clear. It offers a look that is rich and luxurious and adds drama without needing any other colors or patterns nearby.

In the end, this trend is SO simple to employ. It is as easy as visiting your favorite garden store and buying some fresh plants, tress or flowers. In every room I design I insist that there be an element of green. It is nature’s neutral and adds freshness, texture and instant appeal.

Lauren Oviatt is a designer with Oviatt Design, 826 West Shepard Lane, Farmington.

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