Energy Saving Parade Homes at Daybreak

Energy Saving Parade Homes at Daybreak

This year, when you view homes in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, you’ll be seeing some of the most energy efficient homes there are. And the biggest block of the homes can be found at Daybreak.

Cameron Jackson, from Daybreak explains what to look for in the new breed of energy saving homes.

The SL Parade of Homes runs from July 29- August 15, there are a total of 27 homes in the Parade of homes this year and Daybreak is the biggest stop on the Parade with 9 of those homes in Daybreak (so 1/3 of all the homes). It’s the easiest way to see the most homes in the Parade all at once and the largest variety of homes all in one community without driving all over town. We’re featuring a wide range of homes from Townhomes, to easy living empty nester homes, to large family homes with spectacular entertaining spaces. A wide variety of home styles-modern, traditional, and funky designs in-between (see images). Pricing ranges from the $160’s to $500’s+. What is great about living in a community like Daybreak is you can put down roots and the neighborhood grows with you. You can move up to a larger home or move down to a smaller home as your needs and your lifestyle changes and you don’t have to disrupt your life (kids stay in the same school, maintain neighborhood friendships, still have your favorite stores and restaurants close by).

Tickets for the Parade of Homes are available at the Glass House information center at Daybreak or at any of the Parade Homes. Visit for details

Home Energy Efficiency

Today’s new homes are already miles ahead of older homes in terms of their energy efficiency, and Daybreak is raising that bar again with two new programs that improve the performance of every new home that gets built in the community.

Daybreak is the first community in the country to have EVERY home tested by a third party rater to ensure that it is as energy efficient as it is advertised. This provides not only peace of mind for the consumer, but they receive a certificate (just like the MPG on a car) that tells them what they can expect their utility bills to be for that home.

Many builders have been participating in the EPA’s Energy Star for New Homes program for several years (Daybreak was the first to require it of all builders). Daybreak has been asked by the EPA to participate as 1 of 3 communities in the nation that will be a pilot community for Energy Star version 3.0. Version 3 raises the standards on construction methods, materials, and 3rd party verification.

What does this mean for the consumer? Every Home receives what is called a HERS (Home Energy Rating Scale) score which is comparable to the Miles per Gallon rating on a car only it measures how efficient one home is vs. another. It allows someone shopping for a home to make an apples to apples comparison across several homes (new and used) to understand what they might expect their utility bills to be.

When you come to the Parade of Homes at Daybreak you’ll see a score attached to each one of the 9 Homes that tells you how the home scored in its test and how much $$ it will save the homeowner if they operate the home properly. An Energy Star Home in Daybreak can save the homeowner $140 per month (or over $1600/year) on utility costs as compared to older homes.

These savings are accomplished through better & more insulation, better windows, Heating & Cooling systems that are more efficient and properly sized for each home and more science applied to how the home gets built. Newer homes are designed from the ground up to be energy efficient and are 20-30% more efficient than a used home.

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