New Homes for Empty Nesters

New Homes for Empty Nesters

Couples are no longer “downsizing;” it’s more like “right-sizing.” Empty-nester couples are building new and getting square-footage where they can use it most for grandchildren, entertaining, hobbies and security.

Trent Maddox with Pepperdign Homes elaborates on this interesting lifestyle trend.

What should empty nesters look for in a home builder?

There are many home builders in Utah – most of the time, each builder has an area that they specialize in. We find that the needs for empty nesters vary from couple to couple; this is why we recommend a builder that can truly build any plan with any features in any location. This process is called Design-Build.

What are some of the features that empty nester often look for?

We find that empty nesters today want more than they did in the past. For instance, in the past empty nesters had a tendency to downsize but today we find that they right size which means that they don’t necessary want less space but they want the space in different areas. Empty nesters want their children and grand children to be able to visit and they want the entertaining space and rooms to accommodate their reunions; bigger kitchens, bigger family rooms, bonus rooms for guest bedrooms or play rooms. We also find that they want to be able to pick the features of their home. They feel that they have earned the right to have their home the way they want it. Location is also important to them. They want to build in areas that are close to their extracurricular activities and near family. Security is important so that they can up and leave at a moments notice. And value is always important. They have spent their entire life preparing to retire and they want to keep as much money for play as possible.

How does Pepperdign Homes accomplish all this?

Well, Pepperdign Homes is a true custom builder which means we will build any plan with any features in any location. This puts the buyer back in charge of the process. They are not limited by anything, only there imagination. Pepperdign’s design-build process also delivers more value than the production builder which is important to empty nesters. Finally, Pepperdign Homes has learned how to incorporate green features into your home in a way that is cost effective and creates improved long term value for your home.

Pepperdign Homes makes the building process, easy, affordable and when your home is done, you know that it will meet your needs perfectly and is totally unique to your family and budget.

Pepperdign Homes is offering a free upgrade to the “Green Living Package” for the month of August. The Green Living Package includes many green features that will have a dramatic impact on the energy usage in your home. Features like 16 Seer AC Unit, 95% Efficient Furnace, CFL Lighting, 1″ Foam Spray Insulation and much more.

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