Telling Your Family Story

Telling Your Family Story

They are the stories every family has – the stories that are told again and again around the dinner table. So, how can you capture the meaning behind your own family legends?

Katie Shepherd with Meaningful Moments shares a few ideas.

Following the evolution of storytelling, here are 4 ways to capture your family stories.

1. Word of Mouth

Have the best story teller in your family (and you could have a contest and vote) make a copy of their rendition of the story. It can also be turned into a fairy tale, or an Aesop fable.

[Click HERE for example]

2. Hieroglyphics

Have kids/participants draw out the story. These can then be crafted onto a quilt, a wall hanging, shadow box, etc. – whichever avenue of creativity they choose.

3. Books

Have each member of the family write their version of the story, and combine each story into a digital book, with pictures of the event. Then they have all the renditions of the story. They can create a library of these books, each having different stories.

4. Video

Have kids/participants act out the story (like the popular You Tube clip, Kid History) and video tape it. Then you can create DVD’s of the video and share with the family.

Katie Shepherd is passionate about memory preservation. She began her career as a personal historian with the focus of helping others document their lives. As the owner of Meaningful Moments LLC, Katie believes that whether our stories are funny, silly, embarrassing or tragic, they create who we are and give us strength to move forward. She also believes that our stories hold the potential to change lives when shared and passed on. Katie is a wife, mother of 3, community worker and friend. To learn more visit:

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