Every Blooming Thing: Flowers for Every Occasion

Robert Upwall, Design Consultant with Every Blooming Thing, presents five great ideas for your wedding or for any occasion.


Decorating everything from a wedding cake to a simple and basic bouquet to elegant designs for every occasion, Every Blooming Thing is one of the best floral services in the city. They can create wonderful arrangements and unique fresh flower presentations that are creative in every sense of the word. They’re dependable, creative and great customer service, too. Built into a great little cottage, Every Blooming Thing is famous for weddings, but you can always find special gifts, including flowers, candles, lotions and picture frames.

1. Instead of having fresh floral arrangements, why not use a beautiful lavender plant that is potted in mossy clay or a nice antiqued container. This is not only beautiful and fragrant but is also a wonderful lasting gift for your guests at the end of the event.

2. For your ceremony backdrop, take a different approach. Make a curly willow arch and hang fresh fragrant lavender bundles from a beautiful french ribbon.

3. Make the toss bouquet a little special. If you have two best friends that you want to give the toss bouquet to, Every Blooming Thing can make a “Come apart Bouquet”. This is essentially two small bouquets that are bound together to make one large bouquet. This is also a sweet idea for the groom to give each mother during the ceremony as a gift from him.

4. We all think of the usual places to have flowers at a wedding. Alter, Centerpieces, Buffet, ect.
Try to think of the other places that may get left behind. Put a little something in the restrooms, bridal room, or the kitchen. This really carries the event all the way though the venue and gives your guests something a little different.

5. For an interesting centerpiece or backdrop for your cake use this idea, make a grid of victorian birch on top of 4 or five fluted vases. Instead of putting flowers in the vases dangle strands of dendrobium or cymbidium orchids from the birch. This adds a very interesting element to any table since you are using not so unique ingredients in a very unique way.


Visit Every Blooming Thing at 444 South 700 East in Salt Lake. Give them a call at (801) 521-4773 or for more information go online at www.everybloomingthing.cc.

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