Wood Care from Woodstock Finishing

Travis Gardner, from Woodstock Finishing shares a couple of tips for caring for your natural wood.


Interior Wood Products

– Regular cleaning of cabinets can increase lasting beauty of the finish.

– If water gets on your cabinets, dry them off! Water is one of the biggest enemies for your cabinets.

– Sun light will fade wood finishes. Be cautious of the placement of your wood furniture.

Exterior Wood Products

– Regular, more consistent staining will increase wood’s life span, decrease labor, and ultimately save you money!

– Adjust your sprinklers from spraying directly on your fence.

– Avoid pooling water on flat surfaces, such as decks and playground equipment.

By following these helpful hints you will enjoy the natural beauty of your wood products for a longer period of time, and you will save yourself time and money. If you have questions or need a second opinion please call Woodstock Finishing for a free consultation or for a free estimate, if you prefer to not to do the work yourself.


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