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‘Every room needs a touch of vintage.’ Here’s how an interior designer picks great pieces

A touch of vintage goes a long way.

When looking for the ideal home décor aesthetic, we often turn to Pinterest, but we may be missing out on the “interest.” Maybe you inherited a hutch from your grandma. Or, you have you eye on an armoire at your local antique shop.

Interior Designer Emily England shares why every room needs a touch of vintage.


The Difference Between Vintage and Antique

First, we need to understand the difference between vintage and antique:

  • Vintage pieces are generally anything that was made more than 30 years ago.
  • Antique refers to an item that is 100+ years old.

It is important to know the difference as a buyer of because antique pieces can have a greater cost and value.

Reasons to choose vintage or antique pieces as opposed to new is availability and price. By shopping local antique stores, you can find well priced items that you don’t have to order and wait for arrival.

Antiques and vintage pieces are also often well made. The quality craftsmanship allows those vintage and antique pieces to last longer. And if something has been around for 100 plus years, it’s not going to go out of style in 10 years. These pieces are timeless.

Add Accessories & Art

Accessories are really the easiest way to add vintage and antique pieces to your home because they are smaller. You can mix in vintage plates, copper pieces with patina, books, vases, pitcher, and more.

You can adorn your walls with art and mirrors that add interest and sophistication. Look for classic pieces like oils of landscapes, seascapes, and portraits.

Bring in Furniture

“Case goods” typically refers to furniture made of wood. Tables, consoles, bookcases, chests, wardrobes, and desks are all a fabulous way to add vintage and antique furniture to your home.

Look for vintage or antique chairs, benches and settees. They are incredibly made and usually will outlast new furniture. Whether you are inheriting chairs from grandparents or parents, or buying antique chairs, ask yourself these important questions: “Does it have good bones? Is it sturdy?” Don’t worry about the fabric–you can reupholster chairs, settees and benches if it has good bones.

There are many antique stores in Utah, and the sales staff are like historians. They want to tell you where it’s from and the history of the piece. What makes an antique or vintage piece special is its story. You can also check out estate sales, flea markets, and even the classifieds.

Don’t be afraid to bring some of the old in with your new to add personality and timelessness to your home.

Find more design inspiration from Emily on Instagram, @emilyenglanddesign.

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