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Get excited for your friends’ successes! Natalie Hill Jensen shares what’s on her mind

Natalie Hill Jensen says we should all be happy for our friends’ successes.

Good girl talk is more than just talk. When we really share, woman to woman, those exchanges have the ability to shape us, change us, and push us forward. So essentially, you could argue, good girl talk is about growth. It’s a truth at the center of our series, On My Mind, where we invite women you know, love, and admire to crack it open and share whatever thought is ruminating in their mind and their heart.

Natalie Hill Jensen thrives on connection. We first got to know Natalie through her blog, “Mormon in Manhattan,” an online journal of her dating adventures while she was living a glittery New York life and Broadway career. She’s an actress, and her most recent film project, “Sweet on You,” was our rom-com fix of 2023.

As her husband Alex took a new position with the Dallas, Mavericks, she embraced a line on her resume: “Dallas housewife. That’s a compliment. I’m loving it. I’m honored. I love Dallas.”


The Hype Woman Movement

The first topic on Natalie’s mind was born last year. In January of 2023, actress Michelle Yeoh won her first Oscar. Seated next to her at the table was Jamie Lee Curtis. The moment the award was announced, Jamie Lee Curtis shared an image on her Instagram that started what’s now called the Hype Woman Movement.

In a recent interview about it, Jamie Lee Curtis said, “the internet was created to support each other.”

Natalie echoed that sentiment saying, “When all of this hype girl thing started, I was kind of surprised because I’m like, well, yeah, of course! Doesn’t everybody just get that excited for their friend’s success?” Natalie sees her friend’s success as her success, and she hopes all women can unite in that way.

Singing: A Happy Boost and Calming Force

Another thing on Natalie’s mind at the moment is her desire to sing again. She says singing is both her happy boost and her calming force.

“Your body is made up of all water, right? When you sing, it literally, physically, chemically causes vibrations through your body that calms you down.”

Embracing Gentleness in Relationships

Finally, Natalie has found a new pace and sort of a new peace in her relationships. She’s embraced a spirit of gentleness in her marriage specifically.

Talking about her and Alex’s relationship, she said, “When he’s feeling a little prickly, the best thing I can do is literally jump on top of him and make a joke and kiss him and be really goofy because it immediately disarms him. And then all of a sudden, we can just deal with things better.”

From her love for her new city to her advocacy for the Hype Woman Movement, her desire to sing again, and her newfound gentleness in relationships, Natalie embodies the spirit of growth that is at the heart of good girl talk.

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