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Live your life, don’t be lived BY your life! Start living with intention in 5 ways

Living with intention can strengthen your relationships.

Every few years, a new buzzword emerges that encapsulates what we’re seeking or craving. In the past, we’ve seen words like “balance” and “authenticity “dominate our conversations. But now, a new word is starting to emerge in our conversations, in our books, in our podcasts. The word is “intention.” Women have a desire to lead a more intentional life, and we’re helping you chase it and choose it.

The word intention is deep and meaningful. It signifies something that is done on purpose or deliberately. Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend shared how we can choose to have a more intentional life.


Intention is a choice. “The minute you make something intentional, it’s something you’re choosing,” Matt said.

The Impact of Intention

Living intentionally doesn’t discount any hobby, passion, or activity that you’re currently doing. Instead, it validates it. It forces you to this place of choice and validates what we’re putting our time and energy into. However, with intention comes accountability.

“The minute we make something intentional, we put it out there more as something that I’m intentionally choosing to do,” the Matt explained.

The Fear of Intention

Choosing to live intentionally can be scary. We’re often afraid of what choosing to go to school means, or what choosing to do this job means. But it’s important to stop running from the fear and start facing it.

“I want you to stop being the victim and start saying, ‘I’m now in charge’,” Matt encouraged.

The Challenge of Intention

Living intentionally is not always easy. It’s hard. It’s challenging. But anything that challenges us is actually an invitation for growth.

“Step into it, learn more, dig deeper, and eventually you come out the other side of the mountain not challenged anymore,” Matt advised.

The Reward of Intention

If we want to live a more intentional life, we need to focus on generating real results, not counterfeit chemistry. We need to choose real chemistry, choose real connection, real success, real results. We need to direct our attention to deeper connections.

“There is nothing that will matter more to a human being in the end than the relationships,” Matt explained.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line: choose to live your life and not be lived by your life! We are here to act and not be acted upon. So, start acting in your life and be present in the now.

“Intentionality is always right now,” Matt said.

To learn more about living intentionally, check out and his ‘Becoming One’ program.

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