Facial Plastic Surgery Changes Lives

Most of us think of facial plastic surgery as something people do to remove
wrinkles or look younger. But the medical field is also changing lives for
children who are bullied.

Dr. Steven Mobley is a Facial Plastic Surgeon from the University of Utah who
is changing lives and Taisian Beckstead is the mother of one child who
benefitted from it.

Basically what we do in otoplasty is reshape the ear to more standard
proportions, contour and appearance by reshaping , moving or augmenting
the cartilage that supports and creates the shape of the ear.

We primarily do it in cases where someone is born with ears that stick out
very dramatically or if the ears are unusually large. Will also discuss the
benefit of having the procedure done when young.

Taisian’s son, Camden, had ears that were large and protruding. Dr Mobely’s
foundation made it possible for them to have the procedure done free of

Dr. Mobley established his foundation – which is really more about stopping
bullying – to provide cosmetic surgery for kids who are bullied because of
facial defects or deformities such as protruding ears.

Facial plastic surgery has become more common in recent years, and as
cosmetic surgery has become more accepted, the costs associated with it
have fallen dramatically. Now, it’s not just “elites” having things done. Some
come in to give them an edge in the workplace, some come in to feel better.
There are many reasons why someone may consider cosmetic surgery, and
now that it is less expensive more people can afford to do so.

To learn more about facial plastic surgery or Dr Mobley’s foundation, go to

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