Jordan Valley Medical Center: Heart Health for Women

Too many women dismiss the signs of a heart attack. Don’t be one of them.

Know what to look for and when to get help.

· Women are under-recognized for cardiovascular issues. In fact, female
heart attack symptoms may differ greatly from those of men.

· Common symptoms include:

o Shortness of breath
o Radiating pain down the left arm
o Squeezing chest pains
o Nausea

· Symptoms for women, however, may also include:

o Upper abdominal pain
o Weakness
o Unusual fatigue
o Lower chest pain
o Indigestion-like symptoms
o Upper back pain
o Sleep disturbance
o Anxiety

· If a woman believes she is experiencing heart attack symptoms, she
should not be afraid to say so. When arriving in the emergency room, she
should tell the physician and staff that she believes she could be having a
heart attack.

· Women who have a family history of cardiovascular disease, smoke,
suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, thyroid
dysfunction, or are entering menopause are encouraged to schedule a
cardiovascular screening.

· Pregnant women, who are carrying multiple fetuses, are over age 35 or
who have pregnancy-induced hypertension should also talk with their
obstetrician about risk factors and the benefits of a screening.

· Jordan Valley Medical Center and Pioneer Valley Hospital are
implementing a new, women-specific cardiology initiative led by Dr.
Donohue, one of the very few female cardiologists in Utah.

· For more information, call 866-431-WELL.

Dr. Donahue is a member of the American College of Cardiology and the
American College of Physicians and continues to practice at the Heart & Lung
Institute of Utah. She was also named “Fellow of the Year” by UC Irvine
Internal Medicine in 2010.

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