Fall Fashions with Uptown Cheapskate

Fall Fashions with Uptown Cheapskate

Fall is here. It’s that great time of year when we all can have fun with our
fashion, and if you are looking to build a trendy, fashionable fall wardrobe
without breaking the bank, you can draw on the fashions at Uptown

Chelsea Sloan, from Uptown Cheapskate, shows some of the fall trends at
bargain prices.

Uptown Cheapskate is a store that buys and sells new and gently used
designer and high-end merchandise for teens and young men and women.
Although Uptown Cheapskate caters to both men and women, the women’s
selection is somewhat larger than the men’s.

Some of the great fall pieces that you can find at Uptown Cheapskate this
season are sweaters, jackets, designer and high-end jeans, boots and
fantastic fall accessories including handbags, jewelry, hats, shoes and feather
earrings. Feather earrings are huge right now and Uptown Cheapskate has
over 200 different styles of feather earrings to choose from. As a special
offer for Studio 5 viewers, Uptown Cheapskate will be giving away a free pair
of feather earrings with any purchase!

According to Chelsea Sloan from Uptown Cheapskate, “Fall clothing is so
great on its own, but you can add so much with the accessories that you
choose too. From bags and hats to jewelry and shoes, you can make any
outfit really pop with accessories.”

What makes Uptown Cheapskate such a unique store is that not only do you
find awesome designer fashions at unbeatable prices, but you can also bring
in your gently-used clothing and trade it in for cash or store credit. If you
choose store credit, an additional 25 percent will be added to your total. This
allows you to get the most out of your clothes, all while saving money on
your next purchase. Uptown Cheapskate is not like your typical consignment
store that won’t pay you for your items until they sell.

Uptown Cheapskate is very selective about the brands and styles it carries.
Clothing sold to Uptown Cheapskate must currently be in style and in
excellent condition, it must appeals to 15-30 year olds and it must be freshly

For a limited time, both Uptown Cheapskate locations will also be giving
customers free tickets to the What Women Want expo, which are normally $8.
So, to get all of the latest looks for fall, a free pair of feathered earrings and
free tickets to the What Women Want expo, be sure to visit Uptown
Cheapskate today!

Uptown Cheapskate now has two Utah locations. The Salt Lake City store is
located at 353 W. 200 S. and the Bountiful store is at 400 W. 500 S. Both
stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more
information on Uptown Cheapskate, visit www.uptowncheapskate.com.

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