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Fall Photo Guide: How to choose a photographer that fits your vision

This fall photo guide will help you get the most out of your family pictures!

It’s that time of year to start planning for your family photos. In this family photo guide, we’ll help you navigate all the essential details, starting with the crucial step of choosing the right photographer and effectively communicating your vision for the perfect family portraits.

Photographer Kayla Trujillo emphasizes the importance of establishing a clear understanding between the client and the professional. One critical factor often gets overlooked: knowing what you want and effectively communicating your preferences to your photographer.

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How to Pick a Photographer That Fits Your Vibe

1. Determine Your Preferred Style

Before you even begin your search for a photographer, it’s crucial to identify your preferred photography style. There are various posing and composition styles to consider:

  • Lifestyle Photography: This style focuses on capturing candid, real-life moments. It’s perfect for families with young children who may not want to sit still and pose for extended periods.
  • Traditional Posing: If you’re looking for classic, posed family portraits with everyone looking at the camera and smiling, communicate this clearly with your photographer. Not every photographer specializes in this style, so finding the right match is important.
  • In-Motion Candid Shots: For a more dynamic and energetic look, consider opting for candid shots that capture your family members in action. This style can create a sense of movement and authenticity in your photos.
  • Love the Landscape: If you want your family to appear small in the frame, allowing for ample negative space and showcasing a stunning backdrop, this style is ideal. It’s often used when the location itself is a significant part of the photo.

2. Choose the Right Editing Style

Once you’ve determined your preferred photography style, it’s essential to align your choice of photographer with their editing style. Different photographers have distinct editing styles, and this can significantly impact the final look of your photos. Consider the following editing styles:

  • Moody Style: This style features warm, earthy tones and desaturated colors. It’s currently trendy and can create a unique mood in your family portraits.
  • True to Color: If you prefer a more natural and true-to-life look, this style maintains the colors and exposure as they appeared during the photoshoot.
  • Light and Airy: Characterized by bright, slightly overexposed images with soft, light colors, this style offers a dreamy and elegant aesthetic.

3. Start with the Money Shots

During your photoshoot, it’s a good idea to start with the “money shots.” These are the traditional, perfectly posed photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. Capturing these shots early ensures that you have the frame-worthy images you’re looking for.

4. Trust Your Photographer’s Expertise

While you should communicate your preferences clearly, remember that you’ve chosen a photographer for their expertise. Trust their guidance and creative input to capture the best moments.

Once your photos are taken, the photographer’s editing style will work its magic, creating the final look. Keep in mind that your photographer’s editing style is a significant part of their artistic identity. It’s important to choose a photographer whose style aligns with your vision from the start, rather than requesting significant editing changes after the fact.

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