Family Reunion Fun

Studio 5 Contributor Kristine McKay shows us ways to make the most of that annual family event.


1. Determine how long you want to put your time capsule away. Is it something you
want to look at in 5 years? 10? 20? Will you take it out for a special occasion, such as
an anniversary or a 21st birthday? Or do you want to hide it away for the next
generation to find?

2. Decide where to put it. Keep in mind that you may move before the appointed time, so
think about putting it where you can easily find it.

3. Decide what container to use. You can buy containers designed for time capsules, or
use any waterproof, airtight and preferably fireproof vessel.

4. Ask everyone in the family to contribute an item – clippings, photographs, letters, arts
and crafts, toys or just about anything else that fits into the capsule.

5. Protect the contents from decay. Put them into individual, airtight plastic bags and
store them in a cool, dry location. For extra protection, consider copying them onto
acid-free paper first.

6. Store photographs correctly – ask at a photography or crafts store if you aren’t sure
how to treat your photos.

7. Leave out any substance that could decay and damage the other contents of the box.
This includes rubber, wool, wood, PVC, and any perishable or edible item. If you must
include any of these, put them in an air-tight plastic bag.

8. Mark everything clearly so you or others will know where each item came from and
who included it when the time comes to open the capsule. Don’t assume you will
remember all the details. You may also want to include a detailed inventory of all the

9. Fill the capsule and seal it, then put it out of sight and out of mind. Make sure you
Store your capsule in a place where your kids won’t get impatient having to look at it
every day.

10. Leave yourself a reminder about the time capsule in a place where you are likely to
find it if you move or if your home suffers any damage. You can also scan and
photograph contents and store digitally or keep secure in a safe deposit box.


Have each family bring their favorite side-dish or recipe (if there are a lot of families you can divide it into various categories such as side-dish, salad, or dessert) Along with each side dish have them bring the recipe. They can either bring enough recipe cards to swap with the other families or you can scrapbook it along with their family photo and some related memories. Each family can take turns passing it around and make copies or the host can make a little booklet for each family as a party favor


Impromptu talent show

This game is best played when everyone feels comfortable with one another. Basically the MC will randomly call people up to the stage “Uncle Rod and cousin sara will now be doing a live interpretive dance titled “trees in the moonlight” or they will sing the theme song to the
Brady bunch in rap style etc. Randomly call each person to the stage.

Talent show

If you have a particularly talented family you could have each family prepare a quick talent for the program such as having the kids sing a song, a poem, a dance, or a piano piece etc.

Trivia Search

Ahead of time put together a list of trivia questions that you’ve collected from each family. Give each person in attendance a sheet to collect answers to questions such as “who just recently moved to Arizona?” , “who just got engaged”, etc. The object is to go around gathering and sharing information. The first person to complete the list is the winner. Read the correct answers as part of the program for those who were unable to complete their answer sheet.

Fact or Fiction

Have three players tell a story such as “their most embarrassing moment”. Have two players tell a lie and have one player give a true answer. Everyone else must guess who is telling the truth.

Autograph game

Have a sheet with 20 various facts such as: My birthday is in October, my favorite color is blue, I hate peas, etc. Each player must go around and collect signatures from people that match the random facts

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Have each family bring something that represents each
member of their family to decorate the table with, such as craft projects, ballet slippers, golf clubs, a family photo etc.


Have each family bring a page with highlights and photos from the past year (similar to an annual Christmas Letter) This can be compiled and passed around for each family to photocopy or it can be made into a hardbound book. This could be a fun yearly family tradition.

Kristine McKay’s love for paper crafting began when she was a little girl growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho. She remembers designing stationary sets and trying to sell them to the other neighborhood children. Her love of paper and design drew her to the scrapbooking industry over six years ago. She has worked with several companies including DCWV, All My Memories, Lasting Impressions, Three Bugs in a Rug, and We are Memory Keepers. She has developed products for both QVC and the Home Shopping Network and also had her work featured in various publications and idea books. Kristine believes that scrapbooking is about more than simply placing a sticker on your child’s soccer photo. It is a form of artist expression, using paper as the medium and memories as the inspiration. She strives to bring practical products and ideas to the industry that save both time and money. Currently she works with We R Memory Keepers and resides in Spanish Fork, Utah with her husband Dan of 15 years and their three children Tanner, Kelsey, and Cameron.

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