Family Storehouse Deals

It may not be the most exciting Christmas present, but definitely the most
useful – emergency preparedness. Larry Baum with Family Store House
shares the three products that you’ll want to stock up on this season.

Wasatch Sleeping Bag

This 0° degree sleeping bag is extra large to fit almost anyone. It retails
normally for $72, but is on sale for $50 this week only.

One Month Food Storage

This kit has enough food for one person for a month. It lasts 20+ years, and
tastes great. Normally costs $130, but is on sale this week only for $95.00.

2 Liter Water Treatment System

Best Portable Water Treatment System on the planet. You will never have to
change the filter on this water system. And, you can use up to 200 gallons of
water per day. Cost is $90.

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