Finding and Decorating With Your Fall Color

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens, tells us how to find your fall color and ways to implement your newly discovered color in your home or garden.

Decorating with your favorite fall color

We use plants to decorate our homes and gardens throughout the different seasons. Many interior decorators feel that color is the most important part of decorating. Coordinating colors can create a beautiful effect to every room and garden. So how do you find your favorite color for the upcoming season and how it can suit you this fall?

Finding your favorite fall color

There are numerous ways to find your fall color. Below is a list of ideas that might get you started:

• Use your name to find your color personality: September 2009 issue of House Beautiful magazine has a fun color personality article on pg. 94

• It’s like reading your horoscope but with color. Click on the month and day you were born to find the color of your birthday and what that means to you. Find your color horoscope on

• Letrice Eiseman Color Quiz has divided colors into four times of day – sunrise, sunlight, sunset and crossover, which takes its palette not from a time, but from classic colors lifted out of nature. She believes that each of us is strongly drawn to a specific Colortime. If you use your own Colortime colors to decorate, “not only will you look your best, it will bring you a sense of balance and well-being – and revitalize your home.” Take her color quiz at

• Ask a Numerologist: Take each letter in your name and find its corresponding number in the guide. Add all the numbers then reduce the total to a single digit.

Example: Brooke: 2+9+6+6+2+5=30. 3+0=3&nbsp&nbsp Yellow

Color Chart

Red 1 AJS
Orange 2 BKT
Yellow 3 CLU
Green 4 DMV
Blue 5 ENW
Indigo 6 FOX
Violet 7 GPY
Rose 8 HQZ
Gold 9 IR

• iPhone application – Colorchange ($1.99)

Take any image and manipulate the colors – you can visualize what a room or landscape would look like in the colors of your choice.

Putting YOUR fall color into action

Once you have found your fall color through research, the suggested plants and flowers below will help to implement that color into your home or garden.


Red Sunset Maple

Red Japanese Maple

Babylon Red Verbena

Rose Shades Pansy

Cherry Red Superbells

Red Mums

Heavenly Bamboo




Cracklin’ Fire Calibrachoa

Coffee Twist Sedge



Orange Symphony Osteospermum


Yellow Mums

Butterfly Agyranthemum


Yellow Osteospermum

Acorus Ogon Grass

Yellow Nemesia



Zebra Grass


For more information visit Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at:

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