Finding the Best Sports Bra

But it’s a challenge that Registered Dietitian Melanie Douglass was up to so she searched to find the best sports bras.

1. Women frequently buy, discard, and buy, buy again in search for a sports bra that fits their unique needs. While finding the right sports bra seems impossible, it is in fact, possible. We’ve done the research and narrowed it down to a few top picks.

2. Regardless of activity, all sports bras should have at least 3 features:

– Support

o No matter what, we all want support, so a supportive bra is a must!

– Comfort

o You don’t want wires poking you, tight straps causing upper back pain, or fabrics that cause chaffing or irritation.

– Washability

o Padded sports bras are increasingly popular… but they don’t always wash well…

3. Finding the right sports bra depends on 3 things:

– Activity

o High impact activities need more support

o Repetitive activities (like marathon running) need smooth fabrics and smooth design (no protruding seams, etc)

– What you wear over it

o A t-shirt? A tank? A tank with a useless built-in bra? (then you have to wear 2 bras! Ugh!)

o Do you want straps to show? Or do align with tanks or sport tops?

o What kind of coverage do you need?

– How much you sweat

o If you are a heavy sweater, you need a bra that wicks away sweat, is highly breathable, and that holds up with frequent washings.

With those things in mind, Melanie picked her top four bras.

Saucony Motion Sensor

Champion Shape T-Back

Danskin Medium Impact Active Sport

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Bra

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