The Secret to Smoothies

Brad Davis is the creator of Zuka Juice and Jamba Juice, and has recently started another smoothie outlet, Roxberry Juice. He shares some of the secrets to making a flavorful smoothie.

Two of the secrets that Roxberry Juice Company uses deal with the fruit. By using individiually quick frozen fruit, you can get more flavor. The frozen fruit replaces much of the ice which would normally dilute the smoothie. And by using fresh squeezed orange juice, the flavor is kicked up even more.

Roxberry shared the recipes for three of their most popular smoothies:

Mango Magic

7 oz OJ, 7 oz pineapple juice, 3 oz strawberrys, 9 oz mangos and 3 oz ice.

Orchard Explosion

12 oz peach juice, 3 oz strawberrys, 3 oz banana, 3 oz blueberrys, 6 oz pineapple sherbet and 3 oz ice.

Passion Paradise

12 oz passion fruit juice, 6 oz strawberrys, 3 oz peaches, 6 oz orange sherbet and 3 oz ice.

Roxberry Juice Company currently is located in Lehi, with more locations set to open soon in Murray, Highland, Ft Union and Provo. For more information, visit,

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