fireflies in utah

Fireflies in Utah?! Here’s where to find them in our state…

Lightening bugs aren’t just a spectacle Back East, you can see fireflies in Utah too!

If you’ve been to the East Coast, you’ll probably know the magic that is fireflies. But did you know you can see them here in Utah? Introduce your kids to this beautiful summer experience!

Chamaine Wollenzien shares where you can find fireflies in our home state. She says they’re only out for a couple weeks, so pack everyone up for a magical summer night!

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  • Hi. The website that is listed for Wandering Families seems to be an outdated blog with no map information for where to see fireflies. Also, the web address you included for Natural History Museum of Utah, talks about fireflies, but there is no map on that website that I can find. Is it possible to link the map directly?