Fitting Your Closet for a New Year

Emily McCormick with Shabby Apple shares tips for “Fitting Your Closet for the New Year.”


How many times have you found yourself wearing something you don’t like, just because you (or your husband, or boyfriend) feels guilty about not having worn it in forever?

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to things. This is the hardest thing for women to do. When I see my old suede pants, that I’m clearly not going to be wearing anytime soon, I think, “but what if one day.” Okay, some advice for others (as well as for myself!) if the day actually arises when you’re considering wearing suede pants again, go ahead and reward yourself with a new pair.

Today we’re going to talk about simple tips to getting rid of the clothing that no longer deserves hanger-space. Here’s how you do it: Get a couple of hours of free time when you’re not going to be interrupted. Begin by asking yourself a few simple questions about each piece of clothing.

• When did you use it last?

• When will you use it again?
• What purpose does it serve in your life?

• What is the worst thing that would happen if you got rid of it?


You haven’t worn it in a year (or more)
Remember those suede pants?!

• It doesn’t fit.
It’s funny. I hold on to things that are too big because I think, well, what if I gain weight? I hold on to things that are too small because I think, maybe one day I’ll lose weight. Unless you’re in childbearing years, where your weight does fluctuate, get rid of too small or too large items.

• It doesn’t match your current lifestyle.
Maybe you used to wear a suit everyday because you were a pharmaceutical rep. You now stay at home with three kids. Keep your favorite two suits and give the others to charity.

• It’s an old trend.
Trends are temporary. If an item is out of style, bite the bullet and say goodbye.

• It doesn’t have matching accessories.
Are you still searching for a pair of shoes to wear with a particular article of clothing? If you won’t wear it with shoes you already own, it’s probably time to give it up.

Other tips for a cleaned-up closet:

• Get a shoe rack

• Organize clothes by seasons

• Go through and assess what basics you need and purchase good, high quality basics-black wool pants, black wool pencil skirt, good button-up shirt etc.

What to do with the clothes you’re done with:

There are charitable places to donate used clothing to, and you get a tax write off. A lot of times women’s shelters will take donations. In Salt Lake, there are Deseret Industries and Salvation Army, which resell clothing at a discounted rate. You can also look for places to sell your clothing on consignment…whether a small local place, or eBay. There are plenty of women who’ve made money doing this.


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