Two Utah moms were tired of all the layers so they decided to do something about it.


Snugabug started as a small idea born from a mother’s battle to make sure her baby was warm enough (but not sweating under all the layers) during their outdoor adventures through the cold NYC winter. A few years (and a couple of new babies) later, these two moms have turned that small idea into a company with an innovative product that solves this very problem by providing warmth without the bulk. For suburban moms, the “Warmsie” makes strapping into the carseat during the winter so much easier, and much more comfortable for baby. The hi-tech fabric (with wicking capabilities) used to make their “Warmsie” sets makes them practical for cold winters everywhere and the styling makes them so cute it would be a shame to consider them just “underwear”. To learn more about snugabug go to their website at

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