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Five Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

Five Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

Try something different to celebrate a birthday! Sometimes a simple new
unique idea can add extra fun and pizzazz to a celebration!

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares 5 fun
ways to celebrate a birthday!

Have Fun with Candles

Be creative when using birthday candles. Insert them not only on the top
but out of the side of a cake for a fun presentation. Some unique candles
such as very long 6″-15″ skinny taper candles are unusual and add whimsy
(these are fun in cupcakes) or candles that flames burn different colors can
be fun to try. Candle holders also come in many really fun styles. I like the
unique fork and candelabra candleholders by the Fred and Friends
Company. Also gumdrops make easy candleholders. Another cute idea with
candles is to let each guest light a candle and give a wish for the birthday

Make a Creative Cake

Make a cake that will make a statement…literally! Cover a cake (or
purchase one) with a light colored smooth fondant. Use food color markers
to write messages and doodles over the cake or let guests “sign” the cake.
Very unique and fun!!! Also be creative with candy and simply frost a cake
and cover the entire cake with the birthday persons favorite candy.
Gumballs are really fun covering an entire cake!

Create a Unique Birthday Banner

A birthday banner can add a big décor statement for little cost. A fun idea
is to use a wide sturdy ribbon and add clusters of décor periodically along
the banner. I like to use bright colors. Use items such as different sizes
and shapes of balloons, tissue balls, curling ribbon, tuelle, party hats, party
napkins, fabric or paper pennant flags, crepe paper streamers, etc. Even
photos of the birthday person now or of past birthdays as part of the
banner can add a fun touch.

Give Gifts in Creative Way

Instead of just simply handing over gifts to be opened do it creatively!
Create some cards with a clue on it per gift and have the birthday person
read the clue and then go find where the gift is hidden. A treasure hunt is
also a very fun way to give gifts. Hide all the gifts at the end or have one at
each clue with the “big” gift at the end as the “treasure.” All ages love this!
Another fun way is to have gifts delivered each hour to the recipient during
the day or small gifts labeled with the time for each to be opened as the
day progresses. Kind of like a countdown to the birthday celebration.

Make It Personal

Personalize games and activities so they relate to the birthday person. For
example play “Bingo” with words or dates that have meaning to the
birthday person and as they are called out they can expound on them if
needed. Another idea is to attach a question to each gift that the person
must answer before opening it or make a trivia game that has to do with
birthday person – all birthday related. Use questions such as: “What did the
birthday person receive as a gift when they were six years old?” “What is
the birthday persons favorite type of cake?” “Where did the birthday person
celebrate their 20th birthday?” etc. I also like to create a personal birthday
song for each member of my family – simply change the words to the
Birthday Song or any other simple tune.

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