Mountain America Credit Union: Bilingual banking

Mountain America Credit Union: Bilingual

Thanks to a new service, someone can now walk into Mountain America
Credit Union and do all their banking, regardless of what language the
speak. It is part of a new technology which has just been introduced and
Mountain America Credit Union is the only financial institution offering the

Brent Frank, from Mountain America Credit Union explains how it works.

Mountain America Credit Union members now have access to a free,
convenient way to transact financial business in their native tongue. This is
due to the credit union’s recent introduction of interpretation services
provided through CU Sources, a subsidiary of Mountain America Financial
Services (MAFS).

Like much of the country in recent years, the credit union has seen a
growing number of people who speak a foreign language. In fact, one in
five U.S. citizens over the age of five speaks a language other than English
at home, according to the Census Bureau. Mountain America’s new
interpretation service tackles this issue head-on, better equipping the
credit union to help its non-English speaking members.

“Mountain America has always been focused on member service. With this
system in place, we are able to help our foreign-speaking members
overcome an otherwise frustrating language barrier, allowing them to
manage their finances better,” said Nathan Anderson, Mountain America’s
chief operating officer.

Translation support is offered in more than 80 languages and is available in
all of Mountain America’s branches as well as the call center. To assist
non-English speaking members, employees simply dial an extension using
recently installed hardware, and request the specific language they need
translated. They are then connected with a qualified interpreter who
provides the translation service.

“Clear communication is an essential part of any financial transaction. This
new service allows Mountain America employees to communicate with
members in a secure and convenient manner while using the member’s
preferred language. This is a differentiator for Mountain America as they
will be able to better assist both current and future members as a result of
this service” said Gene Erickson, chief operating officer for CU Sources.

Mountain America Credit Union has over 60 branches in four states and
offers a variety of financial products and services for consumers and
businesses. With roots dating back to the 1930s, Mountain America Credit
Union is a tradition for many members. Today the credit union
serves more than 350,000 members and has over $2.8 billion in assets.
Mountain America Credit Union has been honored four times as one of
“Utah’s Best Companies to Work For” by Utah Business magazine.

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CU Sources is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that provides
financial institutions with a variety of value-added products. CU Sources is
based in South Jordan, Utah, and was created by Mountain America
Financial Services (MAFS). MAFS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mountain
America Credit Union, one of the nation’s premier financial institutions.
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