Fix-It-Chic: Holiday Decorating Fixes

1. Wreath hanger help:

Protect the paint finish on your door this holiday season by lining the wreath hanger with a little felt or other soft material to prevent scratching. . How ever other methods of applying the lining can be just as effective.

2. Watering the Christmas tree made easy with a vacuum

Using the vacuum wand attachment it’s easy to then put one end in the tree water tray and a funnel at the top end and pour in the water. ( A piece of PVC pipe will work just as well and it’s always good to have for sprinkler line repair come summer.)

Watering tip: use a little “Sprite” every now and then with your water and you will be more effective keeping the tree hydrated.

3. The Holiday Twinkle Light Teaser:

Question: What do you do if the whole strand goes out just because a little bulb is burned out?
Answer: No! Don’t throw it away! Find it with an inexpensive tool called a Voltage Detector, a tool no home should be with out.

4. Be good to your banisters:

Try using green pipe cleaner to attach your garland to the banister to avoid scaring the wood. Decorating regrets are no fun!

5. Indoor light hangers:

Easy to use and easy to remove and they wont effect the finish on your wall.

6. No tangle tips for putting the lights away:

Try winding the strand around an empty 2 liter soda bottle or better yet an empty oatmeal container with a lid. Remove the lid and use the inside for additional storage of spare lights and fuses. You’ll never have to hunt for them again.

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