Flowers for Homecoming and Prom

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens, has tips for suggestions surrounding those flowers, including a look at some of the most non-traditional trends.

Even those who didn’t attend still remember the flurry surrounding this quintessential rite of passage and the capstone of a teenager’s school calendar (even commencement pales in comparison). But today’s proms differ greatly from those even just a few years back. Proms have become more formal, elaborate, and expensive. Here are a few tips and helpful information concerning corsages and boutonnieres.

For placement, it is easy to inform anyone who asks (and maybe you should share it with those who don’t), that all corsages and boutonnieres be worn on the same side – the left side. For dresses with spaghetti straps, the corsage is best pinned to the top of the bodice near the strap, rather than on the strap. However, an alternative to the traditional corsage is a waist corsage or a corsage that is worn on a purse or in the hair. Boutonnieres and wrist corsages are also placed on the left side.

A corsage should be pinned with the flowers pointing up, as if they were in a vase. The flowers of the corsage can be placed anywhere, from slightly above the left shoulder to several inches below the shoulder. A good rule of thumb is to place the corsage over the collarbone, at a slight angle away from the face. The pin does not go through the stem, but goes over the stem tightly at an angle. To accomplish this, first push the pin through the fabric near the bottom of the stem and weave it back out again over the stem at an angle (not straight across). The pin will end up hidden underneath the corsage. The pin and the stem should look more like an x than a +. If the pin is not tight across the stem, then try again. For a large corsage two pins may be needed. Traditionally, the stem of the boutonniere is actually put through the small buttonhole in the left lapel. However, with today’s products and techniques, often the stem is part of the overall design. As with corsages, the flowers should face up. The boutonniere should be centered on the lapel and secured with a pin on the underside of the lapel, unless a decorative pin is used. Unlike a corsage, the pin goes through the stem of the boutonniere, and the pin is hidden under the

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