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Food Trends 2024: 7 things to look out for in the foodie world this year

Food trends might be our favorite trends.

In the new year, we get a glimpse into the flavors that will dominate our plates and palates.

Studio 5 Food Editor Chelsea Fairbourn shares a guide to food trends in 2024.

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7 Food Trends for 2024

1. Hydration Takes Center Stage

Surprisingly, the first trend on the list is not a new exotic food, but a necessity – hydration. Chelsea points out that it’s not just about water; it’s about enhancing it. Electrolytes and added mix-ins are big trends.

2. Little Luxuries for Everyday Indulgence

In a shift away from extravagant dining experiences, Chelsea introduces the concept of “Little Luxuries.” This trend encourages elevating everyday meals without breaking the bank. Think high-quality ingredients, decadent desserts, or premium chocolates as a treat. It’s about making every meal a luxurious experience without the hefty price tag – a trend we can all get behind.

3. Tamarind Takes the Spotlight

Moving to flavors, the spice of the year is tamarind, a tangy and fruity delight. Chelsea says it’s pretty versatile, moving past the sweet category and making its mark in savory dishes. From chicken to pork and side dishes, expect tamarind to add a unique twist to your favorite recipes. It’s a flavorful challenge if you’re ready to experiment in the kitchen.

4. The Rise of Upgraded Freezer Food

Frozen food is shedding its mundane image and undergoing a major upgrade. Beyond the usual suspects like dino nuggets, brands are embracing collaborations with chefs to create gourmet, yet convenient, frozen meals. Heinz, traditionally not a freezer aisle player, is stepping up its game with themed, high-quality meals. Health-conscious consumers will appreciate the focus on lowering sodium levels, making frozen food a guilt-free option.

5. Plant-Based Protein Gains Momentum

Plant-based protein continues gaining in popularity, with a focus on sources like quinoa and chickpeas. Chelsea emphasizes the shift from artificial protein sources to natural ingredients, making it an attractive option, especially for those looking to consume less meat. From snacks to protein bars, plant-based protein is making its mark in various forms.

6. Boba and Milk Teas on the Rise

The trend of Asian flavors extends to the ever-popular boba and milk teas. Anticipate an increase in dedicated boba spots and the infusion of these flavors into various treats, including cookies.

7. Get Ready for the Heat with Ultra Spicy Condiments

For spice lovers, 2024 brings a fiery trend – ultra spicy condiments. Inspired by the YouTube series “Hot Ones,” this trend has Gen Z written all over it. While not everyone may directly use these spices, experimenting and adding a dash for an extra kick is expected to gain traction. So, if you can handle the heat, get ready to spice up your meals.

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