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Reset the Kitchen: 5 little things that will make this important room hum

January feels like the right time to reset the kitchen.

We crave a reset this time of year. But, you don’t need a remodel to accomplish that refreshed feel at home.

Interior Designer Sarah Dee has a few helps to get your kitchen to hum a little better. It’s like a budget friendly kitchen makeover!

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5 Ways to Reset the Kitchen

Add or update a runner or rug

Bring in a fun pattern or color with a rug or runner. Sarah recommends a washable version, so it’s a little easier to keep clean. The kitchen is a messy place! You don’t necessarily have to buy a new rug—just give the ones you have a really deep clean. Just that will make the world of a difference.

You’ll spend a lot of time standing on your feet in the kitchen, so she advises adding soft rug pad for comfort.

Use a tray to create a countertop vignette

Use a countertop tray to corral cooking essentials like oil, salt and pepper, cutting boards, and other kitchen supplies. Sarah believes this really helps your kitchen to feel cleaner and more put together, so you don’t just have things sitting out on the counter. “It’s like a little Anthropologie moment,” Brooke adds, “In the middle of an otherwise busy and hustling place.”

Add a brass hanging rod

Add a brass or gold rod to display cutting boards, serving utensils, towels, baskets, and drying herbs. You can install it to your backsplash behind your cook top, under floating shelves, or on the end of your island. It’s a budget friendly way to add in a little sophisticated touch.

Bring in the greens

Sarah says greens are such a refreshing touch to bring in the kitchen. Add a little topiary by the sink, or use a bowl to display faux (or real!) fruit. It creates a fresh look and feel, and brings in some color. “Add a focal point to your island with a large vase and stems or flowers,” she adds.

Change out your soap bottles

It’s a small touch, but it makes all the difference. Change out the Bath and Body Works bottles for some amber-colored bottles. For a complete look, add a pedestal for height and interest, and pair with an organic scrubber.

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