Foods That Keep You Slim

Studio 5 Health and Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, R.D., shares her
favorite healthy foods and on-the-go snacks.

You know what I love about the word “slimtastic”? It’s a feeling! A mindset.
Something that any of us can choose to have (and be) at any moment.
Slimtastic isn’t about a number on the bathroom scale, it’s not a size of
clothing, and it’s not about being perfect – it’s how you feel about yourself!
And to find that feeling, take these four simple steps:

1. Buy healthy foods at the store
2. Eat those healthy foods
3. Exercise (even 5 minutes counts)
4. Tell yourself that because you are eating healthy foods and working out,
that you are light, healthy, happy and yes… slimtastic!

So let’s breakdown what you should be buying at the store to eat slimtastic…
every single day:

1. 5 Different Kinds of Fruit and 5 Different Veggies (at minimum)

· Fruits and veggies have it all: serious nutrient power, low calorie, high
fiber, rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that make you feel
lighter and help your skin glow (beta carotene) with good health.

· Spend most of your time and money in the produce section! So you have
less time and money for the tempting stuff down the aisle…

2. Sweet Potatoes

· I know, this is a vegetable, but don’t count it in your five! Sweet potatoes
are my go-to snack. They calm a sweet craving without a drop of seasoning,
or with a little salt and pepper, they can calm the need for a salty snack.

· They are high fiber and vitamin A and have just 100 calories in 10 baked
strips or in one medium potato.

3. Lean Turkey Slices for Snacking

· 65 calories for 6 slices and very filling – need I say more?

· Enjoy just one serving though, because lean meats can have be high in

4. PLAIN Greek Yogurt

· Buy it plain and add your own sweetener: fruit, honey, even real sugar is
a better choice than the sweetened version at the store!

o Plain greek yogurt = ~5 grams of sugar
o Sweetened Greek yogurt = ~18 – 25 grams of sugar
o 1 teaspoon of real sugar = 4 grams of sugar

5. Craving Salt? Try a pickle…

· A pickle has just 20 calories and is salty enough to satisfy your salt
craving and keep your hands out of the potato chip bag… but eat just one
serving. This is a trick to give your body something to eat, satisfy the salt
tooth and move on with your day!

6. Craving Sweets? Try a dark chocolate single-serving bar

· It’s better to buy a 200-calorie chocolate bar than a 2000-calorie
package of cookies! Or a 8000-calorie gallon of ice cream! (Sure, you
wouldn’t eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, but it does bring 8000
calories into your home… to tempt you day after day.)

7. An Awesome Bread

· One with at least 5 grams of fiber per slice!

· Eat your bread for breakfast or lunch (1 – 2 slices per day).

8. A Solid Cereal

· The best one? Good old-fashioned rolled oats!

· Oats are high in soluble fiber, the kind that helps you feel fuller and
protects your heart. And oats have just 100 calories per cup.

9. Beans for Plant Protein

· Beans are a good protein source, an amazing fiber source,and they are
rich in phytochemicals (anthocyanins and saponins).

· They are easy to toss in any dish, salad or soup – even plain.

10. Almond butter for healthy fat

· Almond butter is a good source of protein and fiber – just like regular
peanut butter – but the fat ratio is slightly better for your heart.

· Other healthy fats you can have on hand: avocado, peanut butter, olive
oil, canola-based spreads, and nuts.

Slimtastic Snacks!
Here are a few fun ways to eat those healthy foods:

Chipotle Aioli Dip
– A spicy-fun dip for sweet potatoes

1/3 cup fat-free olive-oil based mayo
1 tsp garlic
3 tsplime juice
1 tsp hot sauce (this make it hot, you can cut back or add more to your
Pepper to taste

Mix together and serve with baked sweet potato fries.
(Baked sweet potato fries: cut sweet potatoes, toss in a bit of olive oil, salt,
pepper and bake at 450 for 30-40 minutes. Voila!)

Wheat Berry Salad
– Uses fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fat all in one salad!
– Making a cold salad like this is great because you can eat it as a snack for
– 5 days. So make it once, and you have a perfect healthy snack
ready the rest of the week!
– If you are too busy to make a salad like this at home, buy a pre-made
version at the grocery store (Harmons, Whole Foods) and add extra spinach
and red peppers to beef up the veggie and nutrient content.

Recipe here: Wheat Berry Salad Recipe

Mexican S’mores
They are a treat – but a treat packed with nutrition, for example, compared
to a snickers bar, these babies have:
· 5 X the fiber
· Double the protein
· Half the sugar
· Heart-healthy fat
· 300 calories (like other treats we often eat, but more filling so you stop
at one serving)

1 whole-wheat (or corn) tortilla (100 calories each)
4 small squares of chocolate
1 large marshmallow cut in half
1 tbsp. almond butter (or peanut butter)

Spread the almond butter in the center of the tortilla, place the chocolate and
marshmallow pieces, roll up, wrap in tin foil and bake in 350 oven for ~ 5
minutes (until it’s squishy).

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