TRX Suspension Training

It’s the ultimate strength train workout. TRX is a new body suspension
workout where you hang from straps and burn calories by the mili-second.
Invented by the Navy Seals to get those strong lean muscles and boost the
metabolism, Studio 5 Producer Halli Tinti just had to check it out.

· TRX is a new suspended revolutionary workout designed to challenge all
fitness levels- those who are new to fitness as well as extreme athletes.

· TRX helps build lean muscles, boosts metabolism, tightens the core and
increases endurance.

· TRX not only works primary muscles, but also secondary and stabilizer
muscles simultaneously.

· Everyday exercises such as push-ups and crunches take on a new look
and feel challenging your muscles with your own body weight.

· Gold’s Gym in Syracuse is the first in the northern Utah area to offer the
new TRX workout.

· Hour sessions are available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at the
Gold’s Gym Syracuse location.

· The cost is $15 per class, or $100 for a 10-session punch pass ($10 per

· TRX is coming soon, August 2012, to the Gold’s Gym downtown Ogden

Link to the Gold’s Gym Syracuse TRX class schedule:
Gold’s Gym Syracuse address: 1792 S. 1000 W. Syracuse, Utah

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