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‘Fulfillment comes from peace.’ Lindsay Arnold Cusick talks motherhood, movement, and DWTS

Lindsay Arnold is a passionate dancer AND mother.

You first watched her on your TV, now you see her on your Instagram. Not only is she skilled, but she is pure sunshine, too.

Dancing with the Stars Pro Lindsay Arnold Cusick brought her light to Studio 5 to talk about motherhood, fitness, family relationships, and of course… dance.



At 18 years old, Lindsay auditioned for the popular reality show So You Think You Can Dance. With her talent and determination, she quickly rose to become one of the top four female dancers. This experience was a steppingstone into the next stage of her career. Lindsay became a professional dancer for Dancing with the Stars in 2013. She participated in ten seasons of the show and won the coveted Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy with partner Jordan Fisher.

The Movement Club

Since her time on Dancing with the Stars, Lindsay has channeled her passion for dance and fitness into creating an online workout program, “The Movement Club.” Lindsay said, “I just understand the importance of movement. Every single day, whether that’s for five minutes or 30 minutes. Because even if you only have five minutes, which we know as moms, that is like pretty much every day… movement will help settle the mind.”


Lindsay is not just a professional dancer and business owner; she is also a wife and mother. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two darling daughters, Sage and June.

When her first daughter, Sage, was born, she said her perspectives on life completely changed. “I think before, a lot of my fulfillment came from success in my career and reaching certain levels,” Lindsay said, “But after having Sage, fulfillment came from different place. It came from a feeling of peace. I was really balancing my life in important ways. I changed the way that I went about my career, being a wife, and a friend. I’m so grateful for that.”

Lindsay hopes to encourage her daughters to be passionate about life. She said, “I will never make my girls do anything unless they want to. My biggest thing is just pushing them to be passionate about whatever they love to do.”

“Everything Else Matters More”

Lindsay shared that when it came to finding success in dance, she needed the skill and talent. But ultimately, “everything else matters more.”

“I will be the first person to say, I am not the best dancer out there,” Lindsay explained, “But what gets you to the next level is your work ethic, your ability to be true to yourself, and to work hard no matter what comes your way. Yes, you’ve got to have talent. But I believe being a good person will propel you further in your career than anything else.”

Behind the Scenes

We couldn’t let Lindsay leave without asking for a behind the scenes look into Dancing with the Stars. She said it is really as stressful as it seems.

“Every single week the celebrity is starting from scratch and learning a new dance. There are always those moments of, ‘I don’t know if this is going to work out,’” Lindsay said. “There’ll be days where you’re in dress rehearsal and your partner forgets their dance and you’re just like, ‘okay, I guess we’ve just got to keep going.’ So, the stress is real.”

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