Fun Father’s Day Gifts


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the special men in your life a thoughtful gift they will love!

Emily Hover with Pioneer Party shares cute, clever and inexpensive gifts for Father’s Day!

1. Candy Remote Control: We’ve made a remote control especially for the dad in your life. Complete with King Size candybars… the saying reads, “Go ahead and take control today, dad – you deserve it! Happy Father’s Day!” Or… “Even though it may not seem like it, you always have the control! Happy Father’s Day!”

2. “You put the GRAND in GRANDPA!” Use 100 grand bars to make your grandpa feel special.

3. “Best. Dad. Ever.” – Tie this tag onto just about anything to let your dad know you really truly think HE is the best!

4. “To one TIE-riffic grandpa! We’re NUTS about you!” A miniature size paper tie is attached to a bag of nuts… just perfect for an inexpensive gift for grandpa.

5. Battery Themed Gift: Every dad can use a pack of batteries, right? Throw in a powerade, an energy bar – and a tag that reads, “A little something to CHARGE you up! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

6. Love you Because: A “series” of bags & tags all starting with, “I love you because…” and ending with a different reason along with a treat. I love you because you always go the extra mile for the family (with Extra gum)… I love you because you’re the BIG HUNK in my life (Big Hunk candybar)… I love you because you make us laugh (laffy taffy). Buy or make 5-7 of these, and leave them for dad to find throughout the day. In his car or truck, at the breakfast table, on his pillow, etc. A sure way to keep him smiling all day long!

7. “Some days it might not seem like it, but we all know you WEAR THE PANTS around here…” or “Since it’s YOUR day, go ahead and wear the pants today, dad! Happy Father’s Day!” Buy your dad a pair of new jeans, fold them so that you can stuff his favorite treats inside the waist, and attach the tag to his belt loop. Another option is to get two die cuts of a pair of pants, staple them together, and fill with treats.

8. Dad’s Tool Box: We’ve used a cardboard gable box for the tool box. Inside, we have cutouts of all different tools, with a candybar attached to the back of each tool. The little sayings are so darling. “Happy Father’s Day to ‘Mr. Fix It’: When we were faced with a challenge… you “SAW” us through it. You always make us “HAMMER” out our differences… Etc. Come in the store to see the full version.

9. Dad or Grandpa Subway Art – a nice momento for any grandpa’s desk or kitchen table. Words to include: dad, father, genuine, kind, strong, faithful, trust, selfless, laugh, joke, hero, forgiving, patient, funny. Older kids could even draw their own (just have them copy a printout) for a truly homemade gift.

10. Money Tie: A life sized tie made out of money! $25 one dollar bills total – definitely something any dad would love! The tag reads, “By George, you’re one TIE-riffic dad! Happy Father’s Day!” We’ve cut out a full size tie out of posterboard (or cardstock), laminated it, then taped the $$ to it. There isn’t a right or wrong way – be creative and make your own dollar designed tie. We also sale these at our store in Lehi.

Visit our store in Lehi to pick up any of these gifts before Sunday! We’re open Monday thru Friday 8am-7pm, and Saturday 9am-7pm. Visit us online at or our blog at or visit us on Facebook for updates and special deals.

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