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Fun Photography Locations

Professional Photographer Jessica Kettle offers these insider tips:

Warehouse buildings on 500 W, just south of the Gateway Mall

This is a great location if you want to have a lot of variety without a lot of travel. You can park on the street or in the gravel lot and have three different shades of green to work with here. The cracks in the cement wall give this neutral color more visual interest, which is perfect if you’re not going for intense color but don’t want BORING. The garage door on the dark green building gives a bit more of a funky feel and a more dramatic color, and there is also a fun LIME green to work with!

Loading Dock on 500 W, SLC

This is one spot in Salt Lake that I love, but what’s great about it is that you can find one of these anywhere! Head about 2-3 blocks south from the Gateway on 500 W and you will run into this one on the east side of the street. I love the fun look of the far away shot with the brick and numbers on the side, but it is also nice to have that soft silver as a background for something simple and understated, but again, NOT boring!

25th Street in Ogden

This location is a total GEM. I will do a complete two-hour family or bridal session here and still not hit all my favorite spots on this street! All of the storefronts are different and there are a lot of side streets and alleys that make beautiful pictures if you take the time to peek around the corner. You can expect to find an old car, a bright fence, and beautiful old doorways. If it gets chilly, I head in to Great Harvest. There are beautiful windows, brick walls with artwork galore, big beautiful baseboards, and a lot of light. This has saved me on more than one chilly day! Another favorite is back behind Wise Guys Comedy Club, I love the cement wall with the big yellow stripe!

Historic Wheeler Farms

6351 South 900 East, SLC

Another great place that offers a great mix of looks. You can use the many old barns and homes as a background as well as fields and trees. There is something here for everyone weather you want a contemporary country look or a more traditional trees and bridge look. I especially love the tree lined road, the old barns, and the big red bridge. Expect to find a lot of reds, yellows, whites, creams and brick- these colors would look good in portraits of all kinds and work well with the colors in most anyone’s home.

Empty Building on 200 N. Main Street, Bountiful

This is an easy access spot that is perfect for a quick shoot. I love the shape of the arched brick and the beautiful details on the doors. I went here for the first time at the last minute after we ran into a time crunch and we were able to get tons of great shots in 30 minutes EASY.

Jessica Kettle is a lifestyle portrait photographer in the Salt Lake area. She specializes in photographing weddings, families, babies, children and seniors with a fresh, modern perspective. She is available for commercial work.

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