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Noah’s: Wedding Tips

The different sized rooms allow you to host high quality, successful events with a few to a few hundred guests.

The first Noah’s location opened in Lindon in January 2007. Noah’s is getting ready to open their second building in Utah this October. It’s beautiful. Noah’s has offered all Studio 5 viewers the chance to come down and see their new South Jordan facility before the general public. Simply go online to brisblog dot com and register for a tour of Noah’s new South Jordan building.

Hosting at Noah’s ensures successful, stress-free events. Reservations include virtually all the amenities you’ll need such as tables, chairs, A/V equipment, and much more. Your rooms will be set up and ready before you arrive. Noah’s staff also cleans up after you’re finished.

Noah’s is a multi-use facility located in Lindon, UT, just off exit 275. Anyone can reserve a room for a few hours or even all day. Noah’s is the perfect place to host all your life’s events. The first Noah’s opened in February 2007 in Lindon. The second location will open this fall in South Jordan, UT this fall. More Noah’s facilities are planned to begin construction in Denver, Phoenix, and Dallas later this year.

1. Wedding registry:

When you take the time to register you want people to know where they can go to get you a gift. Stores have started handing out registry cards, encouraging you to include it in the invitation envelope. Registry information should be included on a separate sheet in the envelope with the shower invitation, but never on any invitation itself. The only way to let people know is to tell them. Just make sure your parents, wedding party, and other close friends and family know where you’re registered, so that when people ask they can let them know. Including a link to a wedding website is another great way to share such information. Many wedding related sites make it easy to set up personalized pages for the special event.
2. Appropriate food offering and time of day
Timing is everything. If saving money on food is important to you the key is planning to have the reception meal at a time of day when your guests do not expect a full, seated, serious meal. If your reception is late morning, a brunch of fruit, finger sandwiches, scones, or mini pastries are acceptable. Nearing evening at 4 or 5pm the focus is on beverages and passed hors d’oeuvres. A dessert reception usually begins at 9 or 10 pm, well after the typical dinner hours. If you must have a dessert reception earlier than 9pm just be sure to let guests know on the invitation that dinner won’t be served. Something like “Please join us after the ceremony for dessert” will do just fine — that way they’ll know to get in a meal beforehand which is especially important for any children that might be attending.

3. Children at weddings
Speaking of children. They can spark the best photo moments and bring humor into a usually serious event, but they can also throw tantrums down the aisle and do their best to ruin your day. How do you limit the number of children attending your celebration? And how do you control the little ones that do? This has always been a touchy subject so here are some ideas:

– For a no children policy, list the names of invited guests on the invitation and the RSVP so it’s very clear that only the adults are invited.

– Have a babysitter on site or nearby and give personal invitations to those with children to make them more comfortable.

– Give the kids a chance to hang out with the adults in their nice clothes and then send them out to play. Have a pizza party in another room with games and activities. Adult supervision is a must and it just might save the day.

4. Cutting the cake

The first wedding cake was modeled after the bell tower if St. Bride’s church in London. It is typically served as the dessert at the reception and gives the bride and groom their first opportunity to feed each other! Traditionally the cake is cut with the groom’s hand on the knife and the bride’s hand over his. This symbolizes a joining of their lives and the leading of the family by the new husband into the future. It’s also a bonus that the bride’s ring sparkles above the knife for the photos. Make sure to have a damp cloth handy for the bride and groom after the cake cutting to clean soiled hands or faces. There’s nothing worse than a chocolate stain on a wedding dress.

5. Extend the celebration:

The biggest trend in Utah weddings is an increasing number of ring ceremonies. Giving you a chance to walk down the aisle, incorporate children, and put your bridal party to work. Although with wedding, luncheon, ring ceremony, and reception the day can get miserable fast. Now some bride’s are choosing to spread their celebration to 2 days. Giving bride and groom the chance to spend more quality time with guests and each other while having the opportunity to enjoy themselves without being exhausted for the honeymoon. It also incorporates a new trend in weddings the “split decision”: two hairstyles, two dresses, different flowers, and a progression of color throughout the day or weekend. All that work went into planning every detail – why not enjoy it a little bit longer?

• Website: (MY-NOAHS-DOT-COM)


• Second location opening in South Jordan (approximately 11000 South 3rd West a block north of CarMax and Walmart on 114th South, South Jordan Gateway) this fall