Fun Ways to Give Cash

Local blogger Michelle Lunt shows some fun ideas to gift the gift of green!

Money Lei

A lei made of money is such a fun gift because the graduate can actually wear it on their big day!

Supplies Needed:

Fabric Lei
$1 dollar bills (50)
curling ribbon


Cut a LONG piece of curling ribbon. Much longer than the length you want your lei to be. Then fold each of the bills in a “fan shape” like you used to do in elementary school.

Cut lots of shorter pieces of curling ribbon. You will use these to tie each of the bills on the long piece of curling ribbon.

Tightly tie each bill on with the separate, shorter pieces of curling ribbon. Curl the ends of the short ribbon. Then, fan the ends of the bill. (They stay fanned out pretty well without any tape or anything). You can slide the bills around on the long piece of curling ribbon to fit them tightly together.

This is where the other fabric lei comes in. I took the other lei apart first, then interspersed the dollar bills with the fabric lei petals. I used a repeating pattern of two bills followed by three petals. I did have to cut wider holes in the fabric petals for the curling ribbon to fit through. And I taped the top of the curling ribbon that I used to thread through the petals, because it kept splitting.

When I ran out of money I tied off the long, remaining ends of the ribbon in large loops.

I also love the idea of giving a money ring or a money bowtie as a graduation gift. I have posted tutorials for these projects on my website…

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