Transform Terra Cotta Pots

Blogger Kami Watson, from Sweet Charli, has some fun and creative ideas.

I love turning something plain into something so fun and creative. So when I noticed terra cotta pots everywhere I went (Home Depot, WalMart, Michaels) I knew I could create something fabulous.

First I made these fun coasters, perfect for outside entertaining and barbeques. And it is so easy!

Supplies Needed:

4 inch terracotta saucers

Scrapbook Paper


Modge Podge

Distress Ink

Hot glue

Spray paint


Colored paint

Sealer polyurethane


1. Make sure your terra cotta saucers are clean and free from dirt. Primer and paint them then let dry

2. While drying, cut circles out of your scrapbook paper. If you are using a 4 inch saucer, the circle should be about 3 inches in diameter. You could also find something in your house to trace (the top of a glass or something) to fit the inside of the saucer

3. Cut the same sized circle(s) out of your felt

4. Take your ink, and ink the edges of your paper circles

5. When your saucers are dry, and all the paper circles are inked, take your modpodge and apply to the bottom of all of your paper circles. Place them in the center of the bowl side of your terra cotta saucer. Let dry for a few minutes

6. Take your modpodge and apply to the top of your circle paper to seal it. Try not to be sloppy when doing this step, make sure it’s on the paper only – yet seal the edges really well. Then let dry

7. Now apply your sealing spray paint. Spray the entire saucer, this will protect it from liquid spills and makes it water-resistant

8. Once the sealer is all dry, take your felt circles and hot glue them on the bottom of each saucer. This will protect against scratches on your tables.

You can check out more of Kami’s Do It Yourself projects on her blog…

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