Furnace and A/C Tune Ups

Tony Oakman from Lee’s Heating and Air tells us about the importance of having a professional tune up on both your furnace and your AC.

There are some maintenance things you can do yourself, like changing your air filters or vacuuming out the blower compartment and coils. But, it’s really important to get your furnace and AC tested by a professional to make sure everything is set up properly to ensure safety and efficiency – whether the units are new or old. At Lee’s, they can help identify and usually repair whatever is causing a safety issue or inefficient energy use in customers’ homes. Tony shared a couple examples.

Recently Tony had a former customer who had gone to another company do a furnace tune up for a cheap price. This other company told him that the furnace was dirty, needed to be cleaned and his blower motor and wheel were out of balance. The cost would be 700 dollars. Before he had the work done, he called Tony to find out what Lee’s would charge to clean the furnace and replace the blower wheel. He quoted 250 to 300 dollars. When Tony found out his furnace was just 3 years old, he told the customer that the wheel might still be under warranty. He sent one of his technicians who found that the furnace did need some cleaning, and that the blower wheel was shaking. So he did a thorough inspection and found out some paper had become lodged inside it and was causing the shaking and the sound. Lee’s was able to save this customer over 500 dollars and his furnace is as good as new.

Lee’s also had a customer whose master bedroom was 4 degrees colder than the main part of the home. They found out that he recently had a surround sound system installed. Lee’s checked all the ducts and then checked the insulation levels in the attic. They discovered that whoever had installed the speaker system had moved all the insulation away from the speakers, which allowed a lot of heat to escape. Lee’s helped their customer have his insulation done properly over the master bedroom and upgraded all of his attic insulation. He now enjoys a more comfortable home and has

Lee’s is proud to be recognized as the Leader in Energy Efficient Systems. That’s why they purchased a FLIR Imaging camera to help test air tightness with thermal imaging. Heat losses from air leakage can actually account for up to 50 percent of the total energy consumption. The FLIR camera can identify energy loss from missing insulation or inefficient heating and air systems, and much more. It also identifies patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye and quickly indicates air leaks within a property. This is the same device used by professional home inspectors and energy auditors to perform energy auditing of homes and buildings to improve energy efficiency, thus leading to savings on energy costs.

Right now Lee’s is running a spring special where they will come to your home and tune up your furnace and your AC for only $39. That’s normally $150 to tune up each, but they will do both for $39. Mention you saw the FLIR camera on Studio 5, and they will be happy to perform a heat loss test on your home for FREE. Lee’s is only scheduling 5 specials per day with the FLIR energy audit, so call 801-747-LEES today. You can also find out more information at leesheatac.com.

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