Ideas for Instant Easter Flair

Emily Hover of Pioneer Party in Lehi says you can easily pull off some of these creative hints for memorable Easter baskets and decorations.

   • Choose a different color for each child – shop for their basket       in only that color

   • Add brights to all Easter festivities – (instead of pastels) A       great modern color theme is turquoise, cream, brown, and       pink.

   • Create a place setting for your baskets. Whether it’s a       “blossom balloon,” a homemade egg out of scrapbook paper,       or a simple piece of fabric or beach towel, a place setting sets       off each basket and really makes a presentation!

   • Add- ons (fun little things to tie to the outside of your basket).       Some ideas: Princess wand, a real carrot (that the Easter       bunny ‘dropped’), gift card, bunny ears, jewelry, bunny       droppings, $$ in a plastic egg.

   • Use 5″ brightly colored balloons to fill up in addition to your       plastic Easter eggs. Fill with $$, little toys, and candy. Kids will       have fun popping them to find their surprise, plus, balloons       look darling set in the grass among the other eggs.

   • Use 5″ balloons to make a mini topiary. This can be used for       decoration as well as party games.

   • Polka dot balloons staked at different levels in grass – SO       FLIPPIN CUTE!

   • Bunny Droppings. Bag a mix of marshmallows, and chocolate       peanuts, etc. and leave it on pillow so kids know that the       Easter bunny has been there!

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