Nitro Credit: Repairing Your Credit

Brandon West, from Nitro Credit, explains how to repair your credit.

Top Credit Tips

Avoid late payments and collections

Keep balances low

Don’t close accounts

Avoid numerous inquiries

Have at least 3+ open lines of credit

Use your revolving accounts a couple times a year to keep them active

What to look for in a credit repair company:

Find a company that has a full transparent tracking system to measure your progress.

Find a company that has that can fix your credit in about 6 months or less.

Do not shop by price!

Many companies will have a low price per month but you’ll be with them for 12 – 18 or even 18 – 36 months. You’ll end up spending more with them and have it take TOO long.

Find a company that is willing to sit down with you especially if you’re local. We are a nationwide credit repair company but we are always willing to sit down with our customers here in Utah.

This is what we do and what you want to make sure a credit repair company does:

Provide full service analysis on your credit.

Check for judgements, liens and derogatory items.
Dispute all negative items with all three credit bureaus all at the same time.

Offer debt settlement to those that request it.
Help establish new lines of credit.

For more information, you can visit Nitro Credit online at or phone #: 888-75-NITRO (64876).

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