Garbett Homes New Solar and Thermal-Powered Homes

Rene Oehlerking tells us about Garbett Homes’ new environment friendly houses that have received national recognition.

Garbett Homes received the award for Best Product Design of a
Single-Family Detached Home. The winning home is their new Solaris Collection in
Daybreak. These Solar and Thermal-Powered homes feature innovative modern
architecture at very reasonable prices. Homes are priced from $206,900 to $259,900
with 3 or 4 bedrooms and two-car garages.

Solar electric and thermal systems are reliable and pollution-free – all the time. They
make use of an endless source of energy – the sun. The solar power system in these
homes will provide a constant stream of renewable energy by automatically converting
sunlight into electricity using Photovoltaic Cells. This cutting-edge technology uses no
moving parts and is highly durable with excellent low-light performance even on cloudy
days. An inverter converts DC power from the solar panels to AC power for household
use. Essentially there is a mini power plant on the roof, producing energy at no cost to
the homebuyer.

The modern architectural design of these homes also allows for other energy-saving
advantages. The roofs are flat and made of a plasticized white membrane that is not
only an energy saver but also absorbs less heat than a dark roof. Studies show that
white roofs reduce air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather.
Lower energy consumption also means fewer carbon dioxide emissions in the

From Dubai to New Delhi to Osaka, Japan, reflective roofs have been embraced by local officials seeking to rein in energy costs. In the United States, they have been standard equipment for a decade at new Wal-Mart stores. More than 75 percent of the chains 4,268 outlets in the United States have them.

The Solaris Collection of homes also has a 100% Energy Star rating – which means
everything from high-efficient insulation to low emission windows are standard. These collections of homes can be seen at the Salt Lake Parade of homes, which runs until August 14.

For more information: call 801-949-0923 or go to

The Sales Center and Model Homes are now open from 10
a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday

Bangerter Highway to 104th South and
follow the signs to the Model Homes.

For more information on Salt Lake Parade of homes:

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