Studio 5’s Furniture Find

Designer and furniture-finder Melanie Gardner, offered Brooke three good options, plus her tips on finding a good piece of second-hand furniture.

Tips on choosing second-hand furniture:

1. The piece needs to be structurally sound. No missing drawers, legs, or decorative molding. The drawers should be functional and only in need of minor adjustments. This is to avoid numerous hours in repairs.

2. The price should be right. Decide what you are willing to pay and stick to your budget. There are other costs associated with refinishing such as paint, supplies, and any hardware changes. If you can be patient you are likely to get a screaming deal on just what you are looking for.

3. The style should be accommodating. Look for pieces that will compliment your current décor. Look for details that will pop once painted and distressed. For example good lines, detailed wood features, chunky molding or delicate legs etc.

4. Do not purchase a piece that is already painted. This will avoid a huge time investment in stripping and sanding old paint jobs.

We are Mike and Melanie Gardner and we find old furniture to repair, redesign and paint. Mike has a background in construction and finish work. Melanie has an interest in finding unique furniture pieces to refinish and create something almost brand new.
To see our portfolio of “before and after” photographs, custom refinishes as well as pieces that are currently available to be purchased please check out our website at

We are currently located in Centerville, Utah. Please contact us at 801.557.5865 or email us at
You will be surprised what character your grandparents’ old dresser or hutch has today!

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