Zerorez Prevents Stains with MicroSeal

Gaylord Karren from Zerorez demonstrates how to protect fabrics and carpets with MicroSeal.

Zerorez is the right choice for carpet and other household cleaning. We are excited to announce a new product: MicroSeal Permaent Fabric Protection.

MicroSeal Protection keeps liquids from leaking into fabric. The only cleaning necessary is to simply blot the spill with a paper towel. This fabric rescuing formula is also fire resistant, which makes it the perfect match for traveling. Many airplanes use MicroSeal to prevent their interior fabrics from both spills and heat.

The benefits in MicroSeal include:

• Permanent Stain Resistance – Will survive many professional cleanings

• Permanent Sun Fade Resistance – Near 100% on most fabrics and carpets

• Seals All Fabrics/Carpets – Wools, cottons, silk, synthetics, suedes, smooth leather

• Nanotechnology – won’t change texture or color

• Penetrates / Seals Fibers Only – Won’t seal in dirt or stains

• Non Toxic & Non Allergenic – No Fluorochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick) .

• Independent Laboratory Tested – and proven worldwide in the aerospace industry

Zerorez is offering a Get-A-Way vacation for customers. For those who book a MicroSeal or cleaning session, they can receive a coupon valued at $329. It is a 3-day 2-night getaway good for 14 different locations. The coupon covers the cost for 2 adults and includes popular locations like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Anaheim. There is a $15 redemption fee, and you can find more details at When you book your Zerorez cleaning or sealing, be sure to mention the coupon offer.

For more information, you can contact Zerorez at, or
You can also call (801) 994-2301 or (866) 937-6739.

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