Genesys Medical Institute: Low Sex Drive

Dr. Robert Jones with Genesys Medical Institute talks about possible solutions.

Probably the biggest cause of low sexual desire is stress, which in turn lowers the levels of testosterone in men and women. Also chemicals in the environment, in the form of pesticides, insecticides and hormones put in milk and all meats. These things are called hormone disruptors and can cause major problems with the hormonal system.

Do low testosterone levels just effect men? According to Dr. Jones, the answer is no. Women need testosterone just like men, they just need less of it in their bodies. He estimates that at least 70% of the women that come to his clinics are low in testosterone.

What are the biggest signs and symptoms of low testosterone? Low sex drive is an obvious common symptom, and it’s very common. In male patients, the Institute sees symptoms such as:

• Loss of muscle size and strength

• Increased fat aroung the waist

• Loss of energy and motivation

• Loss of interest in hobbies, etc.

• Diminished stamina/endurance in exercise

• Lower sex drive than usual

• Grumpier overall

• Irritability

• Decreased body hair

• Loss of initiative

• Inability to concentrate

• Erection difficulties

• Focusing on retirement prematurely

What are the biggest signs of low testosterone in women? Obviously loss of sex drive. But women low in testosterone can become depressed. They lose their muscle tone, meaning their arm muscles get flabby, no matter how much they exercise. Another big symptom is that they tend to become pretty apathetic, they just stop caring about anything.

What can be done about it? First, Genesys tests the hormone levels, then, if they’re low in testosterone, they are given a simple testosterone cream that they rub on their arms every morning. That will usually bring back their test levels to normal within 3 to 6 weeks. Usually the reaction is something like, “Wow, where’s this stuff been for the last 10 years of my life”.

As with all medical conditions, be sure to check with your personal healthcare provider for your personal medical conditions.

To get more information from Genesys Medical Institute, go online to or call (801) 685-2730. Also call Dr. Jones at the Center for Hormone Therapy at (801) 576-1155

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