Trans4m: Weight Loss Option

Toni Druce visited Studio 5 today to talk about Total Trans4m and how this all natural product is helping hundreds of people lose weight.

What is Total Trans4m?

Total Trans4m It is a rapid weight loss solution that will increase your energy and won’t leave you hungry. It’s the first weight loss product that finally helped Toni succeed in weight loss and keeping it off. She had tried all of the “brand-name” diets, the crazy diets, and also read every book out there on dieting. You name it, she has experienced it. She always lost the weight, but without fail always gained the weight back plus some. Then she stumbled upon this product. Frustrated by her lack of will power, she tried it and to her surprise it worked! She could sleep, wasn’t agitated or hungry.

And it works fast too – she lost over 40 pounds and kept the weight off in just 12 weeks. And now – three years later, she has kept the weight off and she is the happiest and healthiest she has ever been! She believes in TotalTrans4m so much, she bought the company!
So what’s in it to make it work?

It is an all natural dietary supplement made with an all natural herb, an appetite suppressant and a carb blocker. When Total Trans4m is added to an active lifestyle, the supplement works because it:

• Increases energy without feeling wound up. I didn’t experience problems falling asleep like with other products.

• After taking the supplement, you won’t be hungry because it is a natural appetite suppressant. It’s also known to help with bloating.

• Your immune system will have a boost because of the detox. Allowing your body to fend off colds, viral and respiratory infections.

• It has reduced my cholesterol lowering my risk for heart disease.

To find out more about Total Trans4m, you can visit or call (888) 315-3779. The first 20 callers to call can place their first order for $49.95. The regular price is $79.95. If you get a message, simply leave your name and number, and someone will get back to you quickly. They are happy to speak with anyone about the product and answer any questions.

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