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Gerber daisies have a new look! 6 new flower varieties that make old florals current

Pull these new flower varieties, into your floral arrangements.

“In with the old” is the motto for trending florals this year.

Brynn Larsen is bringing back the old flowers in a new, artistic and updated way. She shares six flowers that are making a current comeback.


  1. Callas

The wedding flower of the 90s is back. They are elegant, edgy and modern. Brynn pairs them with architectural elements, whites and greens and negative space.


  1. Carnations

Carnations are a ruffly bloom that adds volume and size without adding a lot of money. Brynn likes them for the ruffles and the new color varieties that have been introduced. Carnations are very long lasting, which is always a bonus.


  1. Gerber Daisies

Used in “cute” bouquets in the past, new varieties have texture, fringe, and a cool, noodle shaped petal. Seeing them used in pastel bouquets or edgy green and white arrangements will give a new appreciation for an old flower.


  1. Statice

The dried purple statice was in many décor pieces in the 80s and 90s. Now there are beautiful colors of statice that are so full and make a great filler.


  1. Lilies

The once deemed “Funeral Flower” is now making a beautiful comeback. Brynn is using them as a monobloom and letting the stems stay tall and airy. The double blooms are so layered and beautiful.


  1. Babies Breath

The go-to grocery store filler is now fully trending for weddings. It can be ethereal and fluffy in installations. It can also add airiness and fullness to arrangements that also include blooms like hydrangea and reflexed roses for a current and trendy centerpiece.

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