Get Away Today Vacations: It’s a Disneyland Summer

And Jennifer Dunyon, Vice President of Communications for Get Away Today Vacations can make those vacation wishes come true for you and your family when you go to Disneyland.


You can save big on Disneyland travel this year. Here are five great ways:

1) Book your Trip in Advance

This time of the year is a great time to book for your trip. And you can also get the best availabilities on hotel choices.

2) Disneyland offers “extra night” free offers

You can get the 3rd, 4th and 5th nights free at participating hotels if you extend your stay for longer than two days. It’s a great bargain

3) Park Hopper Passes

Did you know that Park Hopper passes are cheaper when you buy them in advance. In fact, you can spend up to $40 less when you book early.

4) Buy Souvenirs in Advance

Here’s a great and unique idea. Buy your souvenirs before you go to Disneyland. This saves lots of money, plus be sure to ask for the Princess and/or Pirate packages which can give you huge savings off of park prices, and they can be sent directly to your hotel.

5) Character Dining

This is the ultimate experience for childhood. Dine with your favorite Disney characters including the Princesses, Goofy, Lelo and Stitch and Minnie and her friends. You get 10% off on savings and it includes tax and gratuity

More Tips and What Can You See in the Park

– Use your two ealry entries from Geet Away Today. Use these to see the hugely popular NEMO collection

– Get FASTPASS … it’s your reservation for attraction lines so you won’t have to wait and it’s good for E Ticket rides

– This year it’s the NEW Toy Story Mania Summer and

– And NEW also is Pixar Play parade which is really itneractive, and is going on right now at Disney Country America.

– Parade of Dreams has two showings during summer monthsly, usually at 3 PM and 7 PM

– Fantasmic has two showings during the summer months. If you go to to later shows, it’s less crowded

– Check your schedule when you go into the park. That will help you plan out your day


Call Get Away Today Vacations for your vacation needs to Disneyland and elsewhere. For more information, go online to or call 866-FUN TRIP (386-8747)

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